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Get support in one of my individual sessions to overcome specific challenges or integrate the parts of you holding you back from the life you want. Experience what it's like to work with me personally. Click below to learn more about what sessions are available. 


When you're ready to dive deep, I'll provide personalized mentoring to actualize the empowered life you seek. You'll align your mind, body, & heart to attune to your own inner wisdom & guidance while I support you in your journey to reclaiming your power and architecting a life where you're thriving.


A 30 minute call to discover what your highest vision is and where your limitations are. We'll identify how you've been holding yourself back and how we can work together in creating the life you desire.

Somatic Subconscious Rewiring

Unmetabolized emotional energy & limiting beliefs are keeping you from the life you want. 

And most of this is imprinted into your nervous system from the moments in your life where you experienced a stressful emotion that you couldn't fully process (aka trauma). 

I'll show you how to clear your nervous system imprints to somatically resolve the root cause of what is troubling you.

And then we'll rewire new beliefs into your nervous system. 

You'll integrate these fragmented parts of yourself to return to greater wholeness, peace, freedom, & joy. 

You'll feel lighter, your relationships will improve, and you'll make different decisions in your life to create different results instead of repeating the same unconscious patterns that have created the life you have today. 

This will change the trajectory of your life. Let's get you there!


Benefits of Somatic Subconscious Rewiring

  • An expanded capacity to handle stressful situations easefully

  • Dissolution of limiting beliefs that were blocking you from accessing your highest potential

  • Freedom to act from groundedness, clarity, and authentic desire instead of fear/shame/guilt

  • External circumstances naturally beginning to shift as your internal world reorients to a new way of being

  • Relationships improving

  • Living more freely

  • Feeling lighter, more free, joyful, & vibrant

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Empathetic Listening

One of the greatest human needs is the need to feel heard.

And one of my greatest gifts is being able to connect with anyone and make them feel fully accepted no matter what.

I'll create a safe space for you to share what's on your heart. You'll leave feeling heard, seen, validated, and cared for.

I'm here to remind you that you are not alone in this.

It doesn't matter what you've done or what you've gone through - you are worthy of love. You are worthy of acceptance.

I've had strangers share with me their heaviest burdens because they can sense that I'll be fully accepting and that I just get them.

And if you'd like, I'll offer an alternative perspective to help you make peace with what you're going through.

I'll help you feel validated in your experience. Even if you feel like no one understands you, I will. 

I'm here to listen from a place of non-judgement and support you in feeling understood.

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Private Mentorship

When we journey together, you will be entering an alchemical container to activate your personal power.

Attuning to the wisdom of your body, you will purify the nervous system imprints that have been limiting you.


Your body & heart (with the mind as a faithful servant) will become your compass as you follow what is in your highest alignment.

You will lovingly re-parent your inner child, expanding your capacity to skillfully hold all that you feel. Your trust in yourself will be unwavering.

As we rewrite your limiting beliefs & integrate your shadow, you'll move through the world differently. You'll begin to fearlessly express your authentic self, claim your desires & magnetize them into your life through unifying the mind, body, & spirit.

Guided by my three-part transformational process, you'll reclaim your power to architect the life of your dreams.


Are you ready to take radical responsibility for your life and manifest your greatest vision?

My Three-Part Process for Transformation


We'll reveal the parts of you that you may have abandoned, rejected, or are hurting and have been awaiting your love. You'll become intimate with your inner world to lovingly hold space for & integrate all parts of you into wholeness.




We'll recalibrate your system by deepening your mind-body relationship to be able to somatically listen to your body's signals & clear nervous system imprints. Supporting you through shadow work, we'll re-parent your inner child, reprogram your subconscious, & anchor in self-love.


Guided by your own inner wisdom, you'll redesign your life to align with your Truth.


Embodying your highest expression, you'll magnetize your manifestations & live a life of purpose.

What will you do with this one wild, precious life?

Whether you've been doing self-development work for years or are wanting to start now, attuning to your body will grant you greater access to the power waiting to be uncovered within you. 

The process of becoming the highest expression of yourself is a process of unbecoming all of the things that you are not.


With me, you'll have a safe container to connect to these parts of yourself & deepen in self-love, radically accepting all parts of you.


You'll embody the liberated, radiant, empowered soul you came here to be & make an impact on the world around you. 

Ready to journey together?


Want to get a feel for what private mentorship will be like?

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