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Hi, I'm Crystal

I'm here to empower people to create the life of their dreams.

Despite childhood sexual abuse & PTSD enshrouding my life in darkness, I found my way back to my light.

I was depressed, suicidal, dealing with numerous health problems, people-pleasing, ashamed, stuck, and suffering deeply.

This lead to numerous addictions to numb & distract in any imaginable way to cope with the pain.

I was lost - I didn't know who I was, what I truly wanted, or even what to do to overcome all of this.

I spent most of my life disconnected from my body but the keys to the kingdom were hidden within her infinite wisdom.

I thought my life was hard & that I was a victim and things were happening to me. 

The reality was that things were happening for me & my growth. I had to accept complete responsibility for my life, which meant if I wanted it to change, only I could change it.

My healing journey began with exploring mind-based psychology, further entrenching the disconnection from my body.

What I didn't know was that unifying the mind & body would unlock my potential.


Becoming disembodied at such a young age meant learning to connect back to my body was part of my soul's curriculum.

How Did I Overcome This?

Despite being on the personal development path for over a decade, it wasn't until I came back home to my body that I truly reclaimed my power. 

I integrated my nervous system imprints in tandem with rewiring my subconscious limiting beliefs.

I prioritized feeling good & expanded my capacity for love, bliss, joy, freedom, & pleasure.


Bridging the gap between mind & body cleared the blockages keeping me stuck & suffering. 

My loving relationship with myself created unshakeable trust within to handle anything.


Guided by my inner wisdom, I began architecting my dream life.

If your soul is calling you to...

  • Shed your limitations and embody the greatest version of you

  • Create a life that is authentic and uniquely designed for you

  • Become magnetic and amplify pleasure, purpose, & passion

  • Trust your own inner guidance to show you the way

  • Align with your Truth

  • Deepen in self-love

...and you're ready to live a life that lights you up, then let's get on a call!

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